ADF bomber is arrested in Uganda after joint operation

Kabanda Abdallah Musa, who also goes by the name Mogo, was arrested today in a joint operation tackling ADF in the Central Region.

Forces searched the home leader of the ADF terror cell in Katooke village, Wamala Parish and also his second home in Gimbo village, Lukwago Parish. Among the items recovered was a flash drive with radical videos, and bomb-making materials, “including those left behind by Uthuman the suicide attacker”.

Kabanda has been accused by police forces of recruitment and radicalisation of youth and pushing them to carry out attacks on security forces and other figures across the country.

According to a statement by police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the official said “We have also established that the suspect was part of the group that assembled the suicide bomb jackets, that were used in the bomb attacks at CPS and Parliament Avenue.”

Fighting victories

The ADF is considered a terrorist organisation by the Ugandan government, and the arrest represents a victory for the government against ADF’s operations in the country.

At least 22 rebels have been killed since November 2021 when Uganda People’s Defence Forces raided suspected camps of ADF rebels in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC. The same month the terrorist group reportedly set off bombs around Kampala claiming the lives of six people.

Before joining the ADF, Kabanda Abdallah Musa was part of the Al-Shabaab terror group. In 2015, he was arrested as part of a hearing for the 2010 twin bombings in Kampala. After his release on court bail in 2020, he established contact with Meddie Nkalubo, the mastermind of the terror attacks and assassinations in the country.

His brother–in–law, Kisambira Muhammad, is one of the known attackers who attempted to murder General Katumba Wamala.

Enanga said, “As a country, we remain dedicated and determined in our efforts to thwart terrorism, its financing and extremist ideologies, within the country. Together with our Regional and International partners, we have countered ADF cells in Uganda and in the DRC, and delivered severe setbacks to their terror plots.”

“The arrests and recoveries are a strong reminder that the Joint Counter Terror teams, will never stop pursuing those who plan and execute acts of terrorism in Uganda.  We thank our task teams for their efforts and urge them to pursue all the remaining agents, collaborators and operatives, and save Ugandans from terror.”

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