AFCON 2023: Angola crushes Namibia to advance to the quarter-finals – At a glance

In the first Round of 16, Angola, despite being in a bad way, with a red card in their ranks from the 16th minute, found the strength to beat Namibia 3-0. Their attacking line was impressive with the Gilberto-Mabululu-Dala trio. Angola won a knockout match for the 1st time and will now face the winner of Nigeria in the quarter-finals.

The match got off to a fast start.Offensive after offensive. Each team responding to its opponent’s attack. Only the precision of the final cross or pass was lacking for the 2 very willing teams.

1st half: Gelson Dala scores twice

The match got off to a flying start in the 16th minute. Namibia’s Muzeu, pressing high up the pitch, picked up a ball at the feet of Angolan central defender Gaspar. The Namibian striker challenged the goalkeeper, who came out quickly. He attempts a lob which the Angolan keeper counters with his hand, but outside his 18. A logical red for Neblu and a free-kick just outside the box.

Newly-arrived goalkeeper Antonio relaxes well on Hotto’s free-kick (20th min), the 2nd shot on target of the match.

Namibia gain the upper hand in the game with their numerical superiority. Shalulile had another chance in the 23rd minute, but his header from a long cross flew over the crossbar. Mabululu responded for Angola in the 25th minute, cutting out a cross from the right. Fortunately, a Namibian defender blocked the ball for a corner.Against all odds, Angola opened the scoring with a magnificent move (38th). Right-winger Gilberto, thundering down the wing, gave a hidden pass to captain Fredy, who crossed back to Gelson Dala, who simply pushed the ball into the empty net. In the 40th minute, Namibia’s defender Haukongo was red-carded for a rude foul on Mabululu. And from Fredy’s free-kick, Gelson Dala sent in an unstoppable header to make it 2-0 to the Palancas Negras.

The half-time statistics were almost identical. Angola had 49% possession, Namibia 51.Each side had 4 shots, 2 on target.

2nd half: Angola extend their lead with Mabululu in gala form

Shalulile had the chance to revive his team’s fortunes in the 47th minute, but the striker was unable to find the net, as he has been since the start of the tournament. Angola had their first chance, with the devilish Mabululu in the 61st minute. His cross from the right just missed the post. The team seemed to be on the verge of collapse and indeed, a few minutes later, Mabululu scored the 3rd Angolan goal with a silky curl on an ultra-quick counter-attack (66th).

Shalulile almost scored in the 67th minute to reduce the deficit, but his header from a cross shaved the left post.

The 4th goal was just around the corner. Namibia were out of it at this stage of the match.Every Angolan move was a danger. Fortunately, the tempo dropped and Angola managed to get all their attacking pieces out. In the 84th minute, following a fine Angolan move, Luvumbo made his mark with a low shot that just missed the target. In the 85th minute, Hanamub finally warmed the gloves of the Angolan keeper with a solitary rush.In the 90th minute, Luvumbo almost scored the goal of the tournament with a 25-metre shot that hit the Brave Warriors crossbar.What a display from Angola in this match!The match ended 3-0.

Angola had 48% possession, 11 shots, 4 on target.Namibia had 52% possession, 10 shots and 3 shots on target.


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