Anti-doping agency says medics helping Kenyan athletes cheat

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) on Tuesday condemned large-scale doping in Kenya, which has recently faced several cases that “highlight the involvement of people with medical experience,” according to the AIU president.

“It is clear that doping in Kenya is becoming increasingly organized and these cases highlight the involvement of people with medical experience,” IAU President David Howman said in a statement.

“This is a serious threat to our sport. The IAU has been mandated to work with the Kenyan government, its athletics federation and its anti-doping agency to combat this crisis. We will do everything possible to identify the source of this doping,” he added.

The announcement follows the recent eight-year suspension of runner Eglay Nalyanya for doping.

The conviction came just weeks after Betty Wilson Lempus was suspended for five years on similar charges.

“A three-member jury found similarities in explanations and evidence. Nalyanya and Lempus told the IAU that they had received intramuscular injections at the same hospital and provided falsified medical documentation to support their claims,” wrote the IAU, which collaborated with Adak, Kenya’s anti-doping agency.

“In both cases, the investigation also found that the doctors named were fictitious and that neither athlete had received an injection even though they were indeed in hospital that day.”

“It would appear that Kenya’s elite athletes are being helped by one or more people, including someone with significant medical knowledge. This is not limited to a single case,” IAU continued, citing the panel of experts.

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