Basketball: French star of Congolese descent, set for first taste of NBA life

Basketball sensation Victor Wembanyama is set for his first taste of NBA life. The French player of Congolese descent will take part in 2 exhibition games against the G League Ignite this week. 

To get a sense of how much of a prodigy he is, it’s worth mentioning that about every prognosticator anoints him as the top pick in the 2023 NBA draft.

“I was built for this I guess. All that happens to me I expect it for myself. It’s just a checklist of expectations”, he told AP.

“There’s so many players I respect but my goal is to be like something that you’ve never seen. That’s why I’m not a big fan of comparisons”, he insisted.

Wembanyama’s favourite players in the NBA right now are Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, the Metropolitans 92 player has skills to focus on, in order not to compare.

The teen is endowed with technical and athletic qualities and  while listed as a center he plays all over the floor with guard skills in a big-man frame. 

To be number 1

The prospect has been a pro for three seasons, spending last season with a club owned by Spurs legend Tony Parker.

“Regardless of what position you get picked in the draft, I think the most important is to have the best career afterwards. But as an athlete, as a competitor, I can’t accept not to be number one. I don’t like having anyone above me.”

And in order to reign on the top Wembanyama made the decision this year to join Metropolitans in part to be coached by Vincent Collet, who also coaches the French national team.

Before he evolves on the international bakestball scene, the 7-foot-2 teen will do his best to shine Wednesday and Thursday during the exhibition games. He will challenge another top draft prospect in Ignite guard Scoot Henderson.

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