Biti in trouble; Rival firm reports him to Law Society for ‘intimidating’ its client

By Staff Reporter

HARARE law firm Scanlen and Holderness legal firm has reported top lawyer, Tendai Biti, to the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) for allegedly threatening its client.

Biti, also Citizens’ Coalition for Change senior official, is accused of threatening Tatiana Aleshina, who is a complainant in a matter the lawyer-cum-politician is charged with criminal insult.

A letter by Scanlen and Holderness seen by claims Biti has been mobilising activists from his political party to attend court proceedings inorder to intimidate Aleshina.

“Our client has nothing to do with politics and this is against her modus as international investor. She does not want to be involved in the country’s politics and its political arena,” wrote the law firm.

“As a legal practitioner, Mr Biti is now intimidating her and making aspersions that she is involved in trying to harm him personally, which she finds disturbing and unbecoming of him.”


A message was allegedly circulated on social media ahead of the trial on September 21, 2022.

According to the lawyers, the message read, “Urgent Notice!!! Vice President Hon. Tendai Biti will be appearing at Rotten Row Court tomorrow at 11.15am, in Court 9, He is currently facing frivolous charges of assault. The state is now in an overdrive to politicise the matter, and there are plots to convict him. Let’s attend in solidarity with our Champion.”

The lawyers complained that the message was aimed at mobilising and encouraging members of Biti’s political constituency to come to court in their numbers to besiege the place, where his trial was set start.

“The message is intimidatory and inspires in her fear and dread,” said Scanlen.

The charges against Biti emanated from an incident that occurred on November 30, 2020 at Rotten Row.

It is alleged Biti insulted Aleshina as she walked out of court where she had attended the hearing involving her employer.

Biti was representing the accused George Katsimberis in that matter.

Biti is yet to stand trial in the insult matter.

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