Boxing – MMA – Ngannou: “Today I can navigate between the two sports” – At a glance

The Cameroonian MMA champion joined the world of boxing with a bang. This with his more than promising fight against Tyson Fury. Despite his controversial defeat, his performance brought him into the circle of top boxers. He spoke about the 2 disciplines in an interview with the French newspaper Le Parisien.

The man due to face Anthony Joshua soon, explained how difficult it is to switch from MMA to boxing.“Everything, but so is going from boxing to MMA. In boxing, you don’t hit every area of the body. It requires more precision than MMA. This can only be learned with experience, hard work and hours of training.”

The Cameroonian giant was also asked which discipline he prefers. “I like both, but if I have to talk about comfort, I feel better at the moment in an MMA fight. I’ve got more craft there. In the cage, my body has acquired a memory that I don’t yet have in the ring. I don’t yet have all the automatisms and mechanisms of a boxer”, he admits.

Currently boxing, the Cameroonian hasn’t given up MMA, he clarifies. “For the time being, I’ll take the opportunities, the good fights that come my way. Two months ago, there was still talk of MMA, but I’ve been lucky enough to be able to get into the ring. That’s the beauty of my career: today, I can navigate between the two sports.”

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