Can Joseph Kabila keep Emmanuel Ramzani Shadary at the head of the PPRD?

Emmanuel Ramzani Shadary, the PPRD’s executive-secretary, could soon be subject to an internal reorganisation. However, he remains focused on preparing for the 2023 elections, as he is convinced that the former president, Joseph Kabila, still trusts him.

As far as Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary is concerned, there is a before and an after. The before was the few months preceding the election of 2018. After finally deciding that he wouldn’t run again, Joseph Kabila made him his successor. Between August and December, the permanent secretary of the Parti du Peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Démocratie (PPRD) began to dream of the presidency that the raïs did not seem to want to give up. He didn’t care that gossipers were already saying that he would merely serve as the former head of state’s puppet, as he was very close to fulfilling his goal.

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