Chelsea: Rivalry between the stick puts Mendy’s back on the wall

Kepa was the number 1 before Edouard Mendy, who arrived at the Blues in January 2020 from Rennes. The Senegalese keeper immediately relegated the Spaniard,bought bought at a golden price (82 million euros), to the bench. But after touching the skies, Mendy has known a descent into hell in recent weeks. And now he has lost his starting place to the benefit of his former “victim”.

Misbehavior and blunders are forbidden to Chelsea goalkeepers. The proof is that while he was one of the major actors of the good performances of his team in the last two seasons, Edouard Mendy has lost his place in the Blues’ goal for a few weeks. This is due to a lack of fitness that is reflected in many errors from the Lion of Teranga at the beginning of the season.

The Senegalese goalkeeper has indeed lost his starting place to Kepa, his former “victim” who he sent permanently on the bench of the Blues after his arrival in January 2020. But now the roles have reversed, and it is the African champion who has become “victim” of his former “victim”.

“Believe in the process”
In a recent interview, the now new number 1 in the goal post of Chelsea returned to his “rivalry” with the former Senegalese. “Self-confidence and belief in your work, in what you do, and belief in the process is very important. Of course I’ve had difficult moments. I’ve had some really good times too, in the end that’s what life is all about. You have ups and downs and you have to be strong mentally, stick to your ideas and keep working. Now I’m enjoying all the work,” said the Spanish keeper. Now it’s his understudy Edouard Mendy who is having a hard time getting play minutes less than a month to the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Mendy should without doubts remain Senegal’s first choice keeper in Qatar.

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