Coltart to get Bulawayo’s mayoral post; former Education Minister promises to review all council contracts

By Leopold Munhende | Chief Correspondent

FORMER Education Minister David Coltart has been promised Bulawayo’s Mayoral position by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa.

The promise is premised on Chamisa’s CCC winning most of Bulawayo’s 29 council seats and sticking to party plans when voting for this post is done by councillors.

Chamisa promised him the position at CCC’s Bulawayo rally Sunday, one of his last two before Wednesday’s elections.

Coltart, who chose to contest for a council rather than return to Parliament, said he will start his duties by reviewing all Bulawayo City Council contracts, some of which have been questioned.

“I want to use my experience as a lawyer to review all the contracts in Bulawayo’s council, to see if they are in the interests of the citizens of Bulawayo,” said Coltart after Chamisa’s announcement.

“If we find that they are benefiting a small number of people then we will do everything in our power to cancel them

“Our vehicle licences when paid go to Harare and that means we cannot rehabilitate our roads. We will fight to ensure that the wealth that is generated in this city is kept here. We will fight to keep our wealth here.”

An experienced lawyer and long-time opposition activist, Coltart will contest Ward 4 which covers most of affluent Khumalo.

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