Harare Mayor promises to stop cholera |


As cholera continues to ravage Zimbabwe, the mayor of the capital Harare has promised to stop the disease.

Since February last year, 286 people had died from cholera in Zimbabwe, and nearly 16,000 people had contracted the waterborne disease.

Despite being one of the major cholera hotspots, Harare residents say they don’t believe any of the mayor’s promises.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health 286 Zimbabweans died from cholera between February last year and Saturday 6 January this year.

66 of those people died during the Christmas break alone.

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume has promised to stop the carnage.

Mafume mentioned measures his council is taking to fight cholera but Harare residents say this is all talk with no action.

The government also says it will undertake a cholera vaccination campaign targeting at least two million Zimbabweans.

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