IBA President announces double prize money for women boxers

The president of the International Boxing Association, Umar Kremlev,reaffirmed his commitment to women’s boxing by revealing on Friday that prize money will double for the next edition of the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in 2025.

The announcement was made in India that is hosting the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in New Delhi. The announcement was seen as a victory for women boxers everywhere.

“If you take the case of a lady from Mozambique she has been able to build a family from the fans that she gets from the prize money. So, somehow I think it is improving lives, touching lives directly because some of these women boxers are actually not benefiting alone but there are entire families that are benefiting from the process of this prize money so please prize money everywhere even in the local federations or championships”, said IBA Board of Directors Member and a Chair of Diversity Committee. Pearl Dlamini.

IBA President Umar Kremlev confirmed that gold medal-winners at the next edition of the Championships will receive $200,000, double the prize money awarded today.

The total prize money for this year’s event is $2.4 million.

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