International Day of the Girl Child: Govt called to eliminate discrimination against girls 

By Darlington Gatsi

A local Non-governmental organisation Heal Zimbabwe Trust has made a clarion call to the government to put in place mechanisms that ensure eradication of discrimination against girls.

This call comes against the backdrop of the world celebrating International Day of the Girl Child which was observed Wednesday.

The commemoration ran under the theme “support girls to achieve their ambitions and to boost the gender divide”. 

In a statement, Heal Zimbabwe Trust put the government to task by ensuring the Zimbabwe Gender Commission carries out its mandate by bridging the gender divide.

“HZT remains committed to implementing initiatives that foster social cohesion and empower women and girls to actively participate in peacebuilding, addressing the historical and structural inequalities that have traditionally suppressed their voices and development.

“In the face of the numerous challenges girls continue to encounter, we call upon the government to adequately fund and decentralize the Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC). The Commission is mandated to do everything necessary to promote gender equality in terms of Section 246(i) of the Constitution,” read the statement.

The commemoration underscored the need for girls to be emancipated.

Heal Zimbabwe Trust further said: “The theme for this year, “Support Girls to achieve their ambitions and to boost gender equality,” underscores the urgency of empowering girls to shape a more equitable and prosperous future.

“The International Day of the Girl Child is a call to action reminding us that girls are not just beneficiaries but powerful agents of change in our society. It was established to draw attention to the injustices, discrimination, and violence that many girls face daily.

“It serves as a reminder of the need for governments, organizations, and community members to work together to address these challenges.”

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