Kehrer opens youth center in Burundi

As a social responsibility to Burundi, his mother’s birth country, PSG defender Thilo Kehrer has opened a youth centre with the help of his foundation.

The charity organization of the 23-year-old German defender aims at opening up new perspectives for the young people in the east African country.

“The centre will focus on culture and sport as well. It will focus on ideas, and opportunities for young Burundians to help them develop in different areas: in their creativity, their desires, their sharing, and different values that are important in life. And that is where the centre wants to go.” Thilo said

This is the first project of the Thilo Kehrer Foundation. For those who aspire to emulate the steps of the international football star, this is an opportunity for them.

Ntakarutimana Jean Bosco, coach of the team in Musongati, Burundi looks forward to the impact the foundation will make in the lives of the youth in Burundi.

“I think that what every here player thinks to himself is: ‘Why not me? Why can’t I be like him (Thilo Kehrer, ed), an ambassador for others, succeeding abroad and when I come back, doing activities as he does?'”

The charity organization which was inaugurated in Paris on Monday, June 20 is the first project of the Thilo Kehrer Foundation.

The Parisian players present at the launch all made a donation to acquire works of art with the aim of financing a centre that will help young Burundians who have completed school.

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