Liga Endesa-Baxi Manresa: Senegal’s Brancou Badio breaks the mould – At a glance

It’s the best season of his career. Brancou Badio is the “Mister Plus” of Baxi Manresa, in the Liga Endesa (Spanish D1 basketball). The Senegalese international, whose contract is due to expire, is already the target of several European clubs.

He’s one of the sensations of this season’s Liga Endesa (Spanish D1).After playing all over Europe, Brancou Badio (1.91 m) has finally found stability at Baxi Manresa. The Senegalese international is firing on all cylinders in Spain’s basketball elite. The 25-year-old Senegalese fullback is doing his team a world of good. His statistics this season confirm Brancou as an indispensable player for coach Pedro Martínez. The Lion is averaging 13.6 points (48.5% 2-point shooting and 31.5% 3-point shooting) and 2.8 rebounds. In addition to 2.5 assists and one steal in an average of 24 minutes on court in the 29 games he has played. Brancou Badio is even Manresa’s second most-used player after Devin Robinson (14 points and 15.7 rating).

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“A super athlete, a great defender too and a remarkable shot-stopper too.His mark on the game transcends his numbers thanks to his privileged physique and his ability to score from distance. Although he (Brancou) is neither tall (1.91 m) nor strong (he weighs 85 kilos), his physical abilities enable him to pin his opponents to their feet, to attack the basket”, says Marca.

The Spanish newspaper was not exaggerating when it lavished all these superlatives on Brancou Badio. After all, this season, the Senegalese star has been putting in some impressive performances on the different floors of the Liga Endesa. Against Joventut (16 points, 2 steals), Gran Canaria (16 points, 3 steals), Girona (13 points, 2 steals), Unicaja (15 points). And above all, against the big boys and league leaders, Real Madrid (20 points, 3 interceptions), Brancou was a cut above the rest. At the end of his contract with Manresa (8th in the table with 2,427 points after 29 games), he will certainly be in the sights of several scouts.

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