Morocco: Walid Regradui’s big challenges ahead – At a glance

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation confirmed Walid Regragui as head of the Atlas Lions on Monday February 5. After the disappointment of the African Cup in Côte d’Ivoire, the Moroccan coach must not fail to meet the challenges of the AFCON 2025 and the World Cup 2026.

Under contract until 2025, Walid Regragui will continue his adventure with the Moroccan national team. “The Royal Moroccan Football Federation renews its confidence in Mr. Walid Regragui to lead the next stage, providing him with all the means of support and accompaniment to achieve the status that national soccer in general and the national team in particular deserves. The Royal Moroccan Football Federation also thanks the Moroccan fans loyal to the national team at home and abroad for the patriotic spirit and the great sacrifice they have shown, in particular the fans who have endured the difficulties of the trip to Côte d’Ivoire, calling on them to support and encourage the national team even more to take up the challenge of the Africa Cup 2025” announced the FRMF in a press release on Monday February 5. This decision was expected after Walid Regragui declared before the African Cup that he would step down if the Atlas Lions failed to reach the last four in Côte d’Ivoire. This early elimination in the Round of 16 put his future as head of the national team in doubt.


Morocco wants its AFCON

Now that everything is clear and Walid Regragui knows his destiny. Now it’s time to face up to the important deadlines that lie ahead.Morocco will host the 35th edition of the African Cup of Nations in 2025. The stakes are high, and the FRMF is calling on the coach to win the AFCON. The Atlas Lions have been chasing this continental crown for 48 years. With this promising generation, Walid Regragui will be under double the pressure to achieve the feat so eagerly awaited by the Moroccan people. The 2026 World Cup in his sights

The 2023 CAF Coach of the Year will also have the onerous task of qualifying his team for the 2026 World Cup. Having reached the semi-finals in Qatar, Morocco is aiming to make its mark on the world stage by positioning itself among the best nations on the planet. With the organization of the World Cup alongside Spain and Portugal, the federation is banking on the continuity of the work already put in place by Regragui to arrive at this date in the best possible shape. Morocco’s ambitions are immense, and the ultimate dream is to see the national team on top of the world.

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