South Africa: Covid-19 contracts disclosure may blow the lid off procurement corruption

The Health Justice Initiative (HJI), a vocal non-profit organisation, has won a lawsuit against the South African government to disclose its Covid-19 vaccine contracts with international pharma and agencies – a ruling that casts light on suspected wider healthcare corruption in South Africa.

On 17 August the Pretoria High Court ruled that government must hand over the details of the Covid-19 contracts to the HJI. 

“We hope that other groups around the world will take inspiration from this decision and demand the right to scrutinise pharmaceutical contracts,” Fatima Hassan, founder and director of the organisation, tells The Africa Report

“[Big Pharma] companies frequently took advantage of Global South governments who were facing a deadly pandemic without the means to fight it.”

Launched in 2020 by Hassan, an outspoken human-rights lawyer, the HJI says it fights for transparency and

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