Uganda – Kenya: Museveni gets tough on Turkana rustlers

“The Turkana must never come to Uganda with guns,” Museveni said in an executive order. “Anybody who does so, must be arrested and charged with terrorism by a court martial.”

With this order, the Ugandan president is making yet another push to solve the century-old problem of cattle rustling. The main driver of rustling is guns, and the resolution would seemingly be disarmament.

The Karamojong share a border with Kenya’s ngiTurkana (Turkana people), the Pokot, and South Sudan’s poor, nomadic, armed cattle herding and rustling communities.

Even so, lack of political will on both sides of the border has exacerbated the issue. Museveni is now targeting the Kenyan ngiTurkana in an effort to deal with the situation.

“However, in Kenya, they have not carried out disarmament. That is their issue,” he said in the executive order.

That said, Museveni’s government has attempted and failed to

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