UN World Logic Day in Austin 2024

The World Economic Forum (WEF) stands as a global platform where leaders convene to address pressing issues shaping our interconnected world. In recent years, discussions at the WEF have increasingly revolved around the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and logic in various domains, from technological innovation to global finance. These technologies have become integral components of policy discussions, influencing decision-making processes and strategic considerations. World Logic Day, in this context, emerges as a pivotal occasion that furthers these discussions. By acknowledging and celebrating the role of logic in shaping the discourse around AI and its applications, the day underscores the importance of informed and thoughtful deliberations.

It serves as a reminder that, in the dynamic landscape of global affairs, logic-based approaches are fundamental in navigating the complexities of emerging technologies, ensuring ethical considerations, and driving positive outcomes for societies worldwide. Logictry hosts the United Nations’ World Logic Day in Austin, Texas, on January 22nd, 2024. This event gathers minds exploring the intersection of logic, innovation, and community engagement.

About World Logic Day: A Global Gathering of Intellect and Innovation

World Logic Day globally celebrates the vital role of logic in addressing current challenges. Through panels and discussions, it fosters international cooperation, advocates for logic in research and teaching, and deepens public understanding of its implications for science, technology, and innovation. Starting with a keynote on “Innovation and Impact,” the event highlights logic as a cornerstone of philosophical inquiry. Diverse panels cover topics from “Future of Governance and Democracy” to “Responsible AI, Consumer Protection, & AI Innovation in Business,” and Logictry’s panel introduces their Decision Engine for a more decisive world. The day concludes with the “Closing Awards Showcase & Ceremony,” unveiling the Austin Woman Magazine World Logic Day Changemaker List and UN Global Changemaker Awards for 2024.

The UN’s World Logic Day event in Austin is set to showcase an illustrious roster of speakers, each contributing their unique expertise and perspectives to the forefront of discussions.

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