We will work well with you – Chamisa promises security forces; vows decent pay and adequate resources

By Thandiwe Garusa

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has promised uniformed forces that his administration will work well with them when he takes over power should he win elections due next year.

In a statement commemorating the defence forces day Tuesday, Chamisa said his government will well resource and feed the security forces as they are the defenders of the nation’s security and safety.

“No country in the world has prospered and will ever prosper without a strong disciplined, progressive, well resourced, well paid, well fed and patriotic uniformed force behind it. Even the success of pre-colonial African states depended upon strong military support.

“We promise and commit that we will work well with you for the transformation, betterment and development of our great country as we build our great nation. The citizens’ government  will be a patriotic government.

“The citizens’ government will not go back on the values for which our veterans sacrificed. Values of right to self-determination, right to vote, rights to our mineral wealth, rights to land with title deeds,” said Chamisa.


Chamisa also told the uniformed forces that no one must be persecuted for politics.

“We do so, above all, with you as the protectors and guarantors of citizens’ freedoms; the right to free speech and association. No one should ever be imprisoned or persecuted for politics. I call for the cessation of hostilities and immediate release of all victims of political persecution.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in serving this great nation and rest assured, there is no reversal of the land acquisition, our citizens’ army must and shall be the strongest and well-resourced army in the region. Every Zimbabwean must feel protected. We will put money and invest in our security -citizens’ security.”

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