World Cup 2022: FIFA hits hard on Senegal and others

The Senegal vs Egypt play-off match caused a stir on and off the pitch. FIFA took up the case and has today imposed sanctions.

During the 2022 World Cup qualifier between Senegal and Egypt in Dakar on 29 March, incidents took place. These included the use of lasers and the invasion of the pitch after the match. If Egypt had asked for a disqualification of the Senegalese, it will not be. However, FIFA decided to sanction Senegal.

FIFA has imposed a match behind closed doors and a fine of just over 175,000 euros. It justifies this fine by a “non-application of existing security rules and lack of order in the stadium, invasion of the pitch, throwing of projectiles, lighting of fireworks, use of laser pointers and use of objects intended to transmit a message not appropriate to a sporting event (offensive banner)”. Sadio Mané’s country will therefore have to pay.

In addition to this financial penalty, Senegal also inherited a match behind closed doors. It remains to be seen for which match it will be effective. The Teranga Lions are starting their qualifying campaign for the 2023 African Cup of Nations.

In addition to Senegal, FIFA has also sanctioned Algeria. The Algerian Federation will have to pay a fine of nearly 3000 Euros. Fennecs fans had lit smoke bombs and thrown objects on the pitch during the Algeria vs Cameroon match in Blida on 29 March. Nigeria, meanwhile, were fined just over €145,000 after their supporters invaded the pitch in Abuja following their play-off loss to Ghana.

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