Zanu PF commissar defends phoney affiliates under ED banner; argues ‘Second Republic’ policies attractive to professionals

By Staff Reporter

HARARE: Zanu PF national political commissar, Mike Bimha has said there is nothing misplaced about people organising themselves and pledging support for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose astute leadership has also charmed professionals.

As the country hurtles towards elections next year, various suspicious groupings have emerged pledging support for Mnangagwa’s much vaunted ‘Second Republic.’

In recent months groups such as Farmers for ED, Teachers for ED, Councillors for ED, Pastors for ED, Journalists for ED, Health Practitioners for ED, MenBelievED and Young Women for ED have come out in support of the 80-year-old president.

In an interview, Bimha said professionals have found Mnangagwa’s policies attractive, hence the need to organise themselves and rally behind a focused leader.


“These are not party structures. Zanu PF has its own structures, which are the Main Wing, Women’s League and Youth League. These organisations have found President Mnangagwa’s policies attractive hence them pledging support for the President,” Bimha said.

Interestingly, most of the affiliate bodies are led by individuals from Midlands province.

“Zimbabwe is a Christian country. According to statistics 85% of the population is Christian, and as Christians we are taught to submit to our leaders.

“As the church we support our President and the guidance he is offering to the country. As church leadership, we are campaigning for the President and supporting him,” Idiraishe Dongo, National Chairperson of Pastors4ED said in an interview.

Dongo is a councillor from Zibagwe Rural District Council (ZRDC) in Midlands.

Another ZRDC Councillor Rodgers Nhari, National Chairperson of Councillors 4ED, said his organisation was formed specifically to campaign for Mnangagwa.

‘We are a nucleus of the campaign since we have people on the ground. We want to campaign for President Mnangagwa through people centred development. We, therefore, want to analyse the dynamics of each and every ward,” said Nhari.

Bimha reiterated these organisations, amongst others, were not parallel structures.

“All these organisations are not setting parallel structures to the party. The party has its own structures. People felt they needed to organise themselves based on their professions in supporting the President.

“As a party we have nothing to lose if they organise themselves. In fact it’s a positive development for the party as we are mobilising towards five million votes for our President, therefore, its beneficial for the party if professionals feel they can come on board and support the party.

“People are free to support whomever, they want, we will not decide for them. They decided for themselves to support the President which is a very positive development,” Bimha said.

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