Zimbabweans celebrate International Nelson Mandela Day


HARARE: Zimbabweans took part in celebrating International Nelson Mandela Day Saturday by embarking on a fun run and raise funds for supporting women in farming.

Employees from the South African embassy in the capital Harare where joined by hundreds of people from different countries including ordinary Zimbabweans who all showed up in solidarity with the cause.

The fun run was one of the activities lined up to commemorate the International Nelson Mandela Day on Monday.

For some, it was a time to bond and help each other while for others it was a chance to show solidarity.

Stella Munyi who is the Kenyan Ambassador to Zimbabwe expressed that, “Kenya and South Africa have good bilateral relations so it is upon us every time they have activities that we should be seen supporting. For us Nelson Mandela was a great leader.”

However, this wasn’t just about fun, it was also an opportunity to raise funds and assist women in farming.

Rejoice Mabudafhasi who is South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe says, “Today we managed to raise $750.

“There will be other activities that we are going to sit down and plan. It’s also a lesson to others. Those who have given up or those who think there is no hope. There is hope if you are committed. All this we are doing in remembrance of Mandela because we all know his history.

“Even if you ask the children they all know Mandela but they are not very sure. All that he did for us, for the whole country and even other countries not just South Africa. So do what you can , with what you have where you are.”

The proceeds from the fun run have been handed over to the beneficiaries and the South African embassy will assess how else they can assist women farmers in Zimbabwe.

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