Cameroon-Hugo Broos: “It’s not a good start for Brys”. – At a glance

Cameroon-Hugo Broos: “It’s not a good start for Brys”.


Appointed Cameroon coach by the Minister of Sports, Marc Brys has not been recognized by the Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot). An imbroglio which does not allow the technician to work in the best conditions. As his compatriot Hugo Broos, former coach of the Indomitable Lions, acknowledges. “After the poor results at the last African Cup, the problems between Eto’o and the Ministry got worse. In principle, the ministry alone cannot decide who will be the national coach. It always has to go through the federation. So, in a way, Eto’o’s anger is understandable. In any case, it’s not a good start for Brys,”Hugo Broos tells the daily HLN.

He continues: “And in any case, the work isn’t easy over there. In Cameroon, there are 23 million coaches.Everyone has their own opinion on matters concerning the national team. The Minister of Sport comes to talk to the team before every match, in the morning, saying that we have to win. The pressure is always immense.

Hugo Broos then tackled Eto’o: Interference in Cameroon comes from all sides.As a coach, you have to resist it. When someone like Eto’o gets so involved, there are conflicts. I heard that at the last African Cup, he arrived at the hotel in the morning and took over the coach’s duties just like that. I’ll show you how it’s done”, he said. That’s not a healthy situation .

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