Opposition leader trashes ZiG – says Zimbabwe’s economic problems cannot be solved by currency changes |

By Tapiwa Svondo

Elisabeth Valerio, who was the only female presidential candidate in the last year’s elections, has criticized the new Zimbabwean currency (ZiG) saying it won’t solve anything if the economic challenges are not addressed.

Valerio highlighted many factors contributing to the downfall of the economy, adding there was no need for a new currency without first pointing out the country’s economic state.

Zimbabwe is struggling with high inflation, skyrocketing prices worsened by the drought.

“Whether currencies change or not, how our economy performs is what matters.

“High inflation and slow growth have been persistent problems affecting the value of our currency. These cannot be allayed by an overnight change in currency. The resources and wealth of Zimbabwe must benefit the citizens of Zimbabwe.

“There are many triggers of inflation, including the perpetually inconsistent fiscal policies, unabated institutional #corruption, high #unemployment, depressed investments and the list goes on. Fluctuations in our currency are a reflection of all of this, plus the #political environment in Zimbabwe. We will not win the battle for currency stability without addressing; the wider economic challenges of political instability; inconsistent and obscure monetary policies and the lack of confidence in Zimbabwe”, said Valerio.

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