Génération Foot: Three rare gems set to shine for Senegal – At a glance

The curtain came down on the 6th Mohammed VI International Tournament in Morocco with AJAX’s triumph over Copenhagen. The Danish club ended the run of defending champions Génération Foot in the quarter-finals. The Senegalese academy, a veritable factory of champions, had sent some twenty players for a three-day exhibition. In 2023, this major tournament served as a stage for nugget Amara Diouf. Sport News Africa infiltrated the GF talent factory to introduce you to three future rare pearls in hatching phase.

Founded in 2000, Génération Foot is now one of the best soccer training centers in Africa. This success is explained by a GF technician who prefers to remain anonymous. “There’s no secret to the training we do at GF. Or if there is, it’s in the quality of detection. Génération Foot has a Scout in all 14 regions of Senegal.That’s where everything starts, before organizing tests in the different regions and in the remotest villages of the country to unearth talent”, he explained, before delivering three of the finest promises of the training ready to explode. Three players present at this 6th edition of the prestigious Mohammed VI tournament.

Maodo Dieng, a classy defender

It’s in defense that we begin our search with a kid in a hurry.His name is Maodo Dieng, only 17 and already captain of the Génération Foot first team this season. This left-handed central defender, an excellent returner, has got everyone on the same wavelength to find himself a first-team regular in Senegal’s Ligue 1.”Like most of our youngsters, he’s had the chance to play against bigger, more mature opponents at U13 and U15 level.This makes it easier for him to adapt to Ligue 1 despite his young age,” reveals GF’s trainer-coach.“Maodo is a very technical lad with a real sense of tactics. He’s good at interceptions, thanks to his ability to read the opposition’s game, and he’s very mature. I’d even say he’s a Kalidou Koulibaly bis,” he ventured.

These qualities should enable him to keep the captain’s armband this Sunday for the reception of Stade de Mbour (14th day Ligue 1). “Maodo Dieng has a lot of qualities. In fact, some of his qualities can also be his faults. I think he needs to learn to be wary sometimes,” he suggests. A defender must always be aware of the dangers of taking certain risks. But he’s so sure of himself. That’s where he needs to improve. He needs to be more wary. He almost never anticipates a potential danger from the opposition because of his enormous self-confidence.

Alpha Touré: the indispensable all-rounder

A midfielder with remarkable intelligence on the move, Alpha Amadou Touré stands out for his ability to play in several positions on the pitch. His versatility makes him an indispensable player for his coaches.“Alpha is in the same category as Maodo. As the saying goes here: trees always grow taller. It’s a very fine generation. Alpha is versatile and can play left-back. In U15, he played as a left central defender. This year we’re using him as a midfielder in front of the defense. He’s clean off the ball and has a good sense of anticipation. He’s a very technical player”, describes our contact person.

As far as his areas for improvement are concerned, the coach places more emphasis on purely physical aspects. The Senegalese U17 international still has a lot to improve in terms of growth.“Like Maodo, Alpha has a lot of technique for a defensive player. He just needs to build up his physical strength.He has all the makings of a future great midfielder, as well as a great left-back,” he insisted.

Idrissa Guèye, the never-satisfied striker

A pure-bred striker in all his glory. His qualities as a centre-forward and his physique at the age of 17 are clear for all to see.His hat-trick against Poland in Senegal’s 4-1 win at the U.17 2023 World Cup has put the spotlight firmly on this gem.“Idrissa Guèye is a great striker, capable of creating his own scoring opportunities. He’s excellent in front of goal, plays with both feet and is good with his head. He sometimes lacks success, but he’s a kid who has all the attributes of a modern striker. He’s good on the ball, he’s generous with his effort”, described the Grenat technician.

In Senegal, many observers have pointed to the lack of pure strikers in the local squad. Idrissa Guèye seems to be the exception to this rule. Even if, according to our interviewee, he still has a way to go to reach the very highest level. “He needs to learn to be calmer when he finishes. As he comes to grips with finishing situations in front of goal, he’ll acquire this maturity”.

These three promising youngsters should soon be attracting the interest of a number of European clubs, not least FC Metz, a partner club of Déni Birame Ndao’s academy. Their trainer insists that it’s important not to rush things.”They shouldn’t rush things. I hope they have coaches who can train them.Génération Foot has great hopes for these three youngsters. They’re going to reach the top level because they have the potential. They have a real future in Senegal’s various national teams, and even in the senior team if they are spared serious injury.

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