President Kagame Urges Young Entrepreneurs to Lead Africa’s Tech Revolution at Mobile World Congress Kigali 2023

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda emphasized the importance of technology-led development and the role of young entrepreneurs in driving this change during his speech at the official opening of Mobile World Congress Kigali 2023.

Addressing the audience, President Kagame highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the acceleration of the transition to a new era of technology-led development. He stressed the need to support young and talented entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of this transformation.

The President acknowledged that despite Africa’s fastest-growing mobile penetration rate globally, there are still significant gaps in access and connectivity. He expressed a sense of urgency in addressing these gaps, emphasizing that too many Africans remain offline.

President Kagame emphasized that regional integration, powered by faster and more reliable broadband, is a crucial aspect of bridging the connectivity divide. He called for collaboration and emphasized the importance of working together to achieve faster and more effective results.

The Mobile World Congress Kigali 2023, a premier event in the mobile technology industry, aims to bring together key stakeholders from Africa and beyond to discuss and explore opportunities for advancing technology-led development. The conference provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing innovations that can drive the continent’s growth.

The President’s speech resonated with attendees, who recognized the urgent need to address the connectivity challenges faced by Africa. The event serves as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, with participants exploring ways to leverage technology to drive economic growth and social development in the region.

As the conference progresses, participants will engage in discussions and workshops focused on topics such as digital infrastructure, emerging technologies, and among others.

President Kagame’s opening speech sets the tone for the Mobile World Congress Kigali 2023, emphasizing the importance of technology in driving Africa’s development and the need for collective action to bridge the connectivity gap. With the support of governments, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, Africa is poised to embrace the opportunities offered by technology and accelerate its transformation into a digital powerhouse.

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