South Africa: Former Bafana Bafana hits on Hugo Broos – At a glance

The controversy surrounding Hugo Broos is far from over. Since he questioned the quality of South African football, criticism of the Belgian coach has been popping relentlessly. This time it is Theophilus Khumalo who is attacking the former Cameroon coach.

In South Africa, Hugo Broos is still under fire. The Bafana Bafana coach had pointed the finger at the level of South African local football. But since he uttered these words, the Belgian coach has been at the heart of a controversy. Some South Africans did not appreciate Broos’ words at all. The latter even apologized.

Theophilus Khumalo does not intend to let the matter drop. He took a swipe at the former Indomitable Lions coach. “That’s enough now! It is time that Hugo Broos understands that if the shoes are too big for him, he has to walk. For this country to be where it is, it is thanks to the local coaches. Qualifying for the World Cup was down to local coaches; reaching the finals and semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations was also down to local coaches,” said the former Kaizer Chiefs player.

Theophilus Khumalo adds. “The first coach to qualify this country for the Olympics was a local coach, the U23s, U17s, and all the junior national teams have done well under local coaches, then you come and disrespect us like this? You are disrespecting the hard work that was done by those coaches and me, being someone who was part of the team that won the 1996 AFCON. I never played in Europe, but I was at the World Cup and it was thanks to the local coaches. You don’t have the quality,” he adds.

He feels that a coach at the helm of the team would do much better than Broos. “You lose a game and you start talking negatively about everybody instead of just looking at yourself. There is a lot of talent in this country and if a local coach were to have a chance, he would polish our diamonds and make them better.

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