TrinaTracker insights on How to Increase Energy Yield with Intelligent Integrated Tracking Solutions

7th July 2022, TrinaTracker a global leading tracker solution provider, gives its insights on how to increase energy yield at Solar Energy Future Europe 2022.

In 2021, 23% of the energy produced in Spain came from the wind sector, followed by nuclear and hydropower, only 8% of the energy mix generated in the market came from solar. Solar growth in the country will be fuelled by the National Energy and Climate Plan which targets 39.2GW of solar PV capacity by 2030 and aims for a 100% renewable energy in the electricity mix by 2050.

Continuous reduction of LCOE is the driver of grid parity and will speed up the application of solar projects. Spain is the biggest market for solar trackers in Europe, with years of tracker projects development, more and more complex terrains bring challenges to solar tracker design and installations.

Last Wednesday July 6th, Natalia Cotrino, Key Account Manager EMEA, participated in one of Solar Energy Future Europe 2022 innovation boxes presenting “How to Increase Energy Yield with Intelligent Integrated Tracking Solutions”.

In the presentation, Ms. Cotrino introduced SuperTrack Smart Control System as the solution to the challenge that PV industry is facing: how to make PV economically viable while adapting to the complex terrains?

TrinaTracker’s patented SuperTrack Smart Control System can increase energy production by up to 3% to 8% during highly diffuse irradiance and in uneven terrains scenarios, compared with conventional algorithms. Additionally, the embedded monitor and control platform can effectively reduce the O&M time of main tracker components, which will reduce power loss during O&M

TrinaTracker is dedicated to provide solutions for energy cost reduction. SuperTrack Smart Control System was designed to make Trina’s trackers plus modules solution specially adapt to complex terrains in overcast weather conditions, impacting positively in the energy production, lowering LCOE. For more information on SuperTrack Smart Tracking Control System visit 

Caption: Natalia Cotrino presenting “How to Increase Energy Yield with Intelligent Integrated Tracking Solutions” at Solar Energy Future Europe 2022.

Source: TrinaTracker


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