Egypt leads in medals as the 13th All-Africa Games come to an end

The 13th All-Africa Games held in Ghana ended on Sunday with a resounding success. Some 5,000 athletes competed in 29 disciplines in the Ghanaian capital.

Athletes and sports leaders alike were very satisfied.

“Bravo to the organizers for the work that has been done. Now, as far as the results are concerned, there too, we can speak of confirmation, we can speak of revelation,” said  Allah Kouamé, the Vice-President of the African Cycling Confederation.

Egypt dominated the Games with a total of 189 medals, 101 of them gold, followed by Nigeria (120) and South Africa (106).

The athletes benefited from very good competition conditions, with almost perfect weather conditions.

“We adopted what we called the hybrid model for building new facilities and modernizing old ones. In Borteyman, we have built one of the best aquatic centers in Africa,” said Dr. Kwaku Ofosu-Asare , the Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 13th Games

Fans, spectators and other sports enthusiasts were also in for a treat. They were treated to some great moments of high-level sports.

“It’s great to see different sports, different nationalities, different people visiting the country, in such a dynamic environment,” said one spectator.

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